Power Electronics Conference

Wide Band Gap is no Mystery

Bodo's Power Systems and ICC Media/AspenCore Europe are jointly organizing this  Power Electronics Conference with focus on Wide Band Gap Semiconductors.

This 1-Day conference will take place on the 5th of December 2017 and will be held in the Hilton Hotel at Munich Airport Germany.

Parallel with the conference there will be a table-top exhibition which provides a communication platform where conference delegates and the exhibition visitors can talk to leading vendors of Power Electronics technologies.

The areas historically served by silicon devices have in recent years been taken over more often by Wide Band Gap Devices. The Power Electronics Conference is an excellent opportunity to meet experts and share expertise in bringing down barriers and overcoming reluctance to use these new semiconductors.

Leading wide band gap companies together with companies from the test and measurement area will join us for a deep insight into designing with GaN and SiC.